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Sage has been regarded as an all round healing herb for centuries by many cultures and is known to prevent food poisoning from meats .  It is also known as the anti-ageing and memory herb. Fresh sage is easy to grow and the dried herb is readily available in supermarkets.  Uses for sage are as follows:

  • infections - sore throat, laryngitis (loss of voice), tonsillitis, colds, and 'flue, any fever.  Prepare a hot tea and sip or use as a gargle cold.  Lemon juice and honey can be added.
  • improves memory, brain function and eyesight.  Drink regularly as a tea.
  • female - helps dry up breast milk.  Stimulates uterus to bring on period.
  • hair - promotes hair growth - strain leaves from tea and rub into hair. Rinse with tea after washing hair.
  • intestinal worms - take a strong tea on an empty stomach in the morning one hour before eating.
  • stomach upsets - use sage in meals.
  • skin - acne, cuts and grazes, antiperspirant - squeeze juice from fresh leaf.
  • toothpaste - grind 1 teaspoonful sage leaves, add 1 teaspoonful salt and 1/2 teaspoonful baking soda.  Rub into teeth and gums then rinse mouth with warm water.
  • sage is great to use in foods as an antioxidant.