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Wellness & Energy Center,
6 Lynton Street, Vogeltown,
New Plymouth:

Practitioners are here to help you improve your health and wellbeing!
Craniosacral Visceral therapy, Massage, Pranic healing, Reflexology, Hair Analysis with Bio-profile... and much more

On line consultations available too.


Dr Melva Martin is now able to offer on-line naturopathic consultations for clients.  You may consult about any ailment or just to help maintain wellness.  The most appropriate advice will be provided by Dr Melva who takes a wholistic and individual approach to health care and works within a model of "wellness".  She has had many years clinical experience in naturopathy, osteopathy, cranial therapy, homoeopathy, reflexology and other natural therapies.  

There is a forty dollar cost for this service.

When booking a consultation you will pay through the safe Paypal system on this website.  Your name and payment will be received in the office and Dr Melva will contact you as soon as possible.

For your forty dollar payment you will be assessed and you will receive appropriate advice.  You may provide feedback over 2 weeks to enable a monitoring of your problem to ensure your satisfaction.  If necessary, after 2 weeks you will be required to pay another consultation fee of forty dollars.

Practitioners are available for consultations and treatments at the Wellness & Energy Center:

6 Lynton Street

Upper Vogeltown


Phone: (06) 754 4545

Ph/Text:  021 450970

Available at the Wellness Center are practitoners who practise a range of Massage Therapies, Pranic Healing, Craniosacral Visceral Therapy, and Reflexology.  Hair analysis with same day results.


Hair Analysis and Bio-profile:   $80.00

Massage:  Ranging from $80.00 per hour to $120.00

Pranic Healing:  $80.00 per hour

Craniosacral Therapy: $60.00 per 30 mins

Reflexology: $40.00 per 30 mins

Contact us to match you with the most appropriate practitioner for your needs.  

Phone: 754 4545 or 021 450970

Reverse disease!  Sustain Health!  Be well!