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About the Essenes

 No one really knows who the original Essenes were or where they came from.  What we do know is that the Essenes were a people who lived apart from mainstream communities and followed a very simple lifestyle.  They understood and lived by laws of nature.  One thread of belief is that the Essenes took upon themselves the first set of laws that Moses brought down from Mt Sinai.  The story goes that the majority of people did not listen to Moses so he smashed the tablets the law was written on. Later Moses relented and went back up the mountain and received from God another set of laws which were much easier for the people to follow - we know these laws as the ten commandments.


Considered a very spiritual people the Essenes lived close to nature and understood well the laws of nature - they communed with Mother Earth and Heavenly Father and all the elements formed the fabric of their life.  The Essenes were experts in astronomy and could read signs in nature that made them superb custodians of Mother Earth.  They worked together a few hours everyday in order to produce foods to eat.  They were vegetarian or vegan - they did not kill animals for food and the only time they used skins from animals was when the animal died by accident or natural causes.  Animals were part of their extended family and were shown love and respect and were well provided for.  In return animals were expected to contribute to life and living in their Essene communities.

Although the Essenes were a peaceful culture they were also known as fierce warriors and would fight to the death for their beliefs.  During the time the Roman army were attempting to exterminate the Essenes there appears to have been strong resistance by them.  It is also noted that there were never any Essenes taken as prisoners by the Romans (or anyone) - the Essenes would commit suicide rather than be taken prisoners.


The finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls have enabled us to discover more about the Essenes and their way of life.  Translations of some of the scrolls (and fragments of scrolls) show that these people, although living a simple lifestyle, had a very sophisticated existence.  Men and women lived as equals, there were no slaves, and everyone contributed to the community with whatever gift God had given them - whether it was music, art, astonomy, or healing - it was all valued.


Each day the Essenes communicated with earthly and cosmic energies (which they termed 'angels').  In the morning it was an earth energy and at evening time a cosmic energy.  At mid-day they would stop to reflect upon the many aspects of peace within themselves, their community, and the world.  


The Essenes are well known for their  'Tree of Life' symbol which shows humankind positioned in the trunk of a tree with feet and lower body planted in the earth and the upper part of the body towards branches reaching upwards to the heavens.  In the closeness to trees, the earth, and the heavens and their daily communions, they found their spiritual strength.


We know that many Jews were Essenes; we know that John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, James the brother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene,  were all Essenes.  Today, there are several groups throughout the world teaching about the Essenes and there are many people who are following the Essene path to wellness and a satisfying lifestyle.  


I have spent time on two different occasions with two very different groups who call themselves Essenes in the United States of America. There are many books written about the Essenes and famous historians such as Josephus, 37AD (in Antiquities of the Jews and The Jewish War), Philo, and Pliny the Elder, mentioned the Essenes in their writings.  Pliny the Elder in his Natural History, describes the Essenes as "A race by themselves, more remarkable than any other in this wide world."  He also writes about their capacity for predicting the future after preparing themselves by prolonged fasts, and he remarks that their prophecies were always fullfilled.


Many people throughout the world have read Edmond Bordeau Szeckley's books which tell us a lot about the Essenes and their way of living.  Szeckley was a brilliant scholar and as a young man was able to access scrolls from the Vatican library and translate them.  In 1928, he founded the International Biogenic Society with Nobel Prize winning author, Romain Rolland and they taught many groups the basics of living as an Essene.  Today his books are translated into several languages and are found in many countries throughout the world. 


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